Standard Intranet Applications

With an Orchidnet Intranet, everything you could possibly need is included as standard.

Business Applications Everything you need to run your intranet is included “out of the box”


Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news using the Article application, allowing you to easily create feature-rich news stories, press releases and more and share them across your organisation at the click of a button.

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Form Manager

Replace your paper-based forms with beautiful, interactive, online versions using our Form Manager application. Forms can be automatically forwarded to the right person for review, approval or action, saving time, money and lost paperwork!

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Fileshare allows you to share files of any format with other users of Orchidnet. The application can be used to handle specifications, procedures, project plans, presentations and other document categories

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Orchidnet CRM

Get the best out of your corporate contact information. Orchidnet CRM is a cutting-edge customer relationship management application that manages all of your contact information from one central location.

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Record, manage and resolve any issues quickly and effectively. The Helpdesk application helps you to manage any issues that arise within your organisation, whether they relate to IT, HR or any other area of your business.

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Room and Resource

Browse and select meeting locations, attendees and resources online. Room and Resource Booker allows you to monitor the availability of rooms and resources, and book them using Orchidnet.

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Media Library

Store, play and display a range of multimedia files on your intranet and have them automatically compressed and converted to play on mobile devices too.


Create a collaborative intranet-based knowledge resource. The Wiki application allows any intranet user to create a collaborative web page on any subject that can then be read, edited and updated by other users.

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Orchidnet Mobile

Orchidnet is designed to provide mobile device users with Orchidnet intranet access on the go. The application is compatible with most current mobile devices, providing access via the device's browser and a 3G/HSDPA internet connection.

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Orchidnet Social

Share, contribute & collaborate using social media inspired applications. With Orchidnet Social, we've taken interaction mechanisms from the best examples of social media services and integrated them into Orchidnet.

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Expense Manager

Manage company-wide expenses using your intranet.The Expense Manager application allows you to submit, review, and approve or reject company expense claims using your intranet.

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* Now standard with new Orchidnet installations!

Holiday Planner

The Holiday Planner application allows you to co-ordinate and manage employee holidays, sicknesses and absences via your intranet.

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* Now standard with new Orchidnet installations!


Orchidnet's FAQ application allows you to create a definitive list of answers to common questions that your users may ask.

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Take part in online discussions anytime, anywhere. Employee forums are often where new ideas emerge, but it can be difficult to get everyone together at the same place and time.

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Reception Desk

The Reception Desk is a suite of applications that helps to manage visitor appointments, staff diaries and telephone messages from one central location.

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Visitor Manager

Visitor Manager allows you to keep track of all visitors to your organisation and check their status at any given time.


Prioritise individual and departmental projects and deadlines.

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Access an at-a-glance summary of individual, departmental or project related appointments and events.

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Content Manager

Content Manager allows you to create and manage static content for your Intranet, including staff handbooks, policies, procedures and any other corporate information.

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Menu Manager

Centrally control the setup and structure of your intranet navigation by using Menu Manager to create easy to navigate menus that get your users to important content fast.

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Create secure and searchable links to information on previously approved web sites for your users.

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Asset Manager

Create and manage a comprehensive database of company-wide assets. Asset Manager allows users to keep track of an unlimited number of company assets of any type including hardware, software, learning materials and furniture.

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The Classifieds application provides you with a user-friendly way to buy or sell items and offer or request services using your intranet.

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Organisation Chart

An automatically generated and navigable organisation chart for your business, giving you an at-a-glance view of who works where.

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Quick Poll

Quick Poll allows you to create simple, one-click response surveys of user opinion on any given subject.

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory provides you with a highly visual ‘business card’ directory view of people within your organisation, who can be searched for using any details recorded about them in the intranet profiles.

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Post sticky notes on intranet homepages. Notes allows users to create virtual 'post-it' notes that can be stuck to company, departmental, project or user homepages.

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A to Z index

A-Z Index allows users to view a list of all intranet content in alphanumerical order.

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The Vacancies application allows you to publish details of internal job vacancies on the intranet, with one-click applications and easy management.

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Branch Manager

Branch Manager allows users to search for and display information on every branch within your organisation.

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Feedback Manager

Provide your users with a quick a simple mechanism to provide feedback on any topic you want feedback on, such as health and safety, intranet content, useful suggestions etc.

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Banner Manager

The Banner Manager application allows you to create eye-catching homepage banners that can include text, images, videos and other media to publicise important information and events within your organisation.

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Batch Mail

Batch Mail allows users to create, co-ordinate and send out targeted email campaigns to employees, partners, customers or any specified contact group with just a few mouse clicks.

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Excel Data Miner

Excel Data Miner allows you to display data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as graphs, tables or charts on any Orchidnet homepage.

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Login Events

Make users aware of important updates or business critical information. Login Events is a compliance tool which ensures that users read and understand important, new and revised content and agree to its terms before they can access the intranet.

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Mandatory Read

Highlight important information visually on company, department or project homepages that can be targeted to individuals, groups or the whole organisation to read. Nobody will ever miss an important document again!

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The Messenger application allows intranet users to communicate instantly, and in real-time, across the intranet using instant messaging.

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RSS Feed

RSS feed allows you to display real-time news headlines from your favourite wesbsites on company, departmental or individual homepages.

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Sponsored Links

Working in the same way as something like ‘Google AdWords’, the Sponsored Links application works alongside Orchidnet’s search facility to provide targeted search results for your users.

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Knowledge Portal

Create a central, company-wide information resource. The Knowledge Portal application makes it easy for users to find information on any subject by simply browsing the relevant knowledge category.

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The Newsletter application allows you to schedule regular, automatic online email newsletters that inform staff of new or updated content.

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The Blog application allows users to create their own online personal journals and express their opinions using text, images, weblinks and other media.

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Personal RSS Feed

RSS feed allows you to display news headlines on company, departmental or individual homepages.

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Admin Applications Simple to use Admin tools designed to keep your Intranet in “tip top” shape.

Exchange Framework

The Exchange Framework application allows you to seamlessly integrate Orchidnet with your Microsoft Exchange server, enabling appointments, tasks and contacts created in Exchange to be shared across your intranet.

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Active Directory

Create intranet user accounts from your existing IT systems. Active Directory Synchronisation makes it quick and easy to build an intranet user base that matches your existing Active Directory user records.

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Data Import

Data Import is an administrative application designed to import intranet data such as employee details, contact information and company assets automatically and directly to your intranet.

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User Manager

User Manager lets you set up and manage all aspects of your intranet users' profiles, including personal details, access rights and departmental or project membership.

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Over 50 standard reports provide useful information on intranet usage, performance, statistics and corporate structure.

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Open ID authentication Management

Using the industry standard secure authentication framework ‘OAuth’, you can choose to allow your users to login to the intranet using their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other social service login details.

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Audit Log History

A full history is kept of content created, viewed, searched for, edited and approved on your intranet, as well as user-acceptance of important information, giving you an instant audit log of important intranet activity.

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User Group Management

Users can easily be managed in Groups, rather than individually, enabling you to define logical groups for content providers, approvers and managers, or any other type of group, in any area of the intranet without the need for complex permission management.

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Department and Project Manager

The Department and Project Manager is an administrative application that allows you to set up and manage Department and Project areas within your intranet.

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Search Management

Configure Orchidnet’s Search application to deliver results in the way you want and quickly understand search patterns across your intranet.

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Extranet Management

Allow your partners, suppliers or any external contacts to share and collaborate with you by granting them secure and controlled access to your intranet. Underpinned by Orchidnet’s comprehensive permissions system, extranet users will only ever see what you want them to see.

Catering Manager for Room and Resource Manager

Provide tailored menus and orders for canteens and company events. Catering Manager allows you to create bespoke menus for use with the Room and Resource Booking application.

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Application Time Restrictions

Easily restrict availability of select Orchidnet application by specifying available days and times in a way that suits your organisation.

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Car Parking Management for Room and Resource Manager

Set up and allocate car parking spaces for your external visitors as part of the Room and Resource Booking application, ensuring your guests always arrive for meetings in the best of moods!


The currency application allows users to convert monetary amounts from one currency to another quickly and easily from any intranet homepage.

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Share Price

The Share Price application lets you check the progress of any shares at any time, providing you with an instant summary of stock prices from any of the major exchanges.

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Working Pattern Management

A Work Pattern details the days of the week your employee normally does and does not work. We use this tool throughout the Intranet but especially in the Absence and Holiday manager application.

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Asset Manager

Create and manage a comprehensive database of company-wide assets. Asset Manager allows users to keep track of an unlimited number of company assets of any type including hardware, software, learning materials and furniture.

Homepage Manager

Homepage Manager allows you to create and edit homepages for your Company, Departments and Projects in seconds, using a simple drag and drop interface.

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Homepage Audiences

Create multiple versions of homepages for your Departments, Projects or other areas of the intranet, enabling you to show the most appropriate version to each visitor.

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Welcome Email

Automatically give new users of your intranet a warm welcome with a custom message that can include links to important information and even embedded videos for that personal touch!

Security Manager

Guarantee a safe and secure intranet experience. Orchidnet's Security Framework ensures that only authorised users can access, view or modify content or applications across Orchidnet.

Comment Manager

Monitor and review user comments online. Comment Manager provides one central resource that integrates with all other Orchidnet applications to record and monitor the comments that users enter.

Homepage Portlets Over 100 portlets included as standard, simply drag and drop onto your homepages and Voila.

Task Manager

Track and manage upcoming company goals, objectives and actions. Task Manager helps you to keep track of all company, departmental and project tasks, goals and objectives.

My Orchidnet

See everything to do with you on your intranet. My Orchidnet is your own personal intranet homepage, providing a comprehensive snapshot of all the information that affects you.


Access an at-a-glance summary of your appointments and events. The Diary application provides a personally tailored snapshot of your forthcoming appointments and events.

World Time

See a snapshot of global time differences for meetings and appointments. The World Time application provides you with an overview of time zones across the globe, allowing you to synchronize meetings and appointments with international clients.


Access the latest local weather forecasts on your intranet. The Weather application displays the latest local weather forecast information on intranet homepages.


View the latest traffic news and updates for various locations. The Traffic application allows users to view the latest traffic news and updates for a variety of different locations on intranet homepages.

On this day

Display fascinating historical facts on intranet homepages. The On This Day application automatically displays a selection of interesting historical events relevant to 'today's' date on the intranet.

Quote of the Day

Display a different quotation every day of the year. Quote of the Day lets you show a famous quotation each day or allows you to add your own.

Meet the Team

Find out more about your company colleagues. The Meet the Team application provides an informative, fun way to find out more about the people you work with.