It’s quick and easy to use…

It’s beautiful as well as functional…

It encourages collaboration at every level…

It keeps you connected, wherever you are…

Its ‘drag and drop’ interface makes setting up homepages a breeze…





Why People love an Orchidnet Intranet

We designed Orchidnet, from the outset, to be ‘brilliant but simple’. You won’t need a degree in rocket science to set it up and your users won’t need manuals to use it. Here are some of the reasons our customers love, (and sometimes rave), about Orchidnet

An intranet, but not as you know it…

Orchidnet comes, as standard, with a whole bunch of stuff that may surprise you, including: CRM, Holiday Management, Helpdesks, Expense Management, Wikis, Electronic Forms and a whole lot more….

Simple to learn, easy to use…

Orchidnet is intuitive, non-technical and fun. Your users will love how it allows them to instantly communicate, collaborate and share ideas in ways they never imagined.

The gateway to all your knowledge…

Absolutely everything you share within your intranet becomes instantly searchable. It’s like having your own internal google, giving you rapid access to all your historic organisational knowledge.

An extension of your corporate personality…

The entire look and feel can be customised to reflect your brand, culture and values, giving your users a solution that’s immediately familiar and ‘fits’, to maximise engagement from day one.

More than you’d expect, for less than you’d imagine…

This much functionality with this much flexibility usually comes with a price tag to match. Not so with Orchidnet. With clients ranging from just 30 users right up to those with 10,000 you may be pleasantly surprised at just how cost-effective it is…

At a Glance

All your existing IT systems will integrate with an Orchidnet Intranet

Integrates with your existing IT systems

Including Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and your HR System, removing the need to duplicate effort, duplicate data or introduce unnecessary processes.

100% customisable, no technical knowledge required

It’s trusted every day by many of the worlds’ best-known organisations who rely on it to deliver an amazing intranet experience for their employees, partners and colleagues.

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Every Intranet Homepages can be customised quickly and easily using some simple drag and drop controls
An Orchidnet Intranet works on Smartphones, desktops and tablet devices

Works on all devices

Including laptops, tablet devices and even smartphones, so you’re always in the loop, no matter where you are.

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Create and share content, quickly and easily

News, documents, wikis, policies, ad-hoc communications and much more can be produced in a jiffy and easily shared with Departments, Projects, Extranet users and teams, keeping everyone up to date.

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Its easy to create Intranet content, simply complete a form and click publish
An Orchidnet Intranet comes with over 70 standard business applications

Everything but the kitchen sink

Over 70 awesome business applications included as standard – in fact, everything you could ever dream of, including CRM, Holiday & Expense Management, Workflow, Helpdesk and much, much more.

Read more about standard applications

Powerful Searching

Find any type of content, from anywhere in your intranet, without having to know how it was created or where it’s stored. It's like having your own personal Google that helps you find the right information, fast.

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All Intranet content is automatically indexed and available from the Orchidnet Intranet Search
Make all your Photos, Videos and Audio tracks available instantly from the Intranet Media Library

Media Library

Store, find and easily share your videos, photos, logos and music tracks using our Media Library application. All popular formats are supported and are automatically compressed for use within your intranet, saving time and valuable network bandwidth. Media can be tagged with keywords, making it a doddle to search for and quickly find what you need.

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Room Booking

Start your meetings off on the right foot with our hassle-free Room & Resource Booking application. Easily find and book the right room for your meeting, manage catering requirements, attendee invitations and even car parking spaces, all without having to leave your desk.

Manage the booking of Rooms using the intranet based Room booking system
Manage employee Holidays and absences using this Intranet application

Holiday & Absence Management

Save staff time and reduce HR headaches and costs with our Holiday Manager application. Simplify the process for holiday requests and approvals, allowance calculations, absence management (including automated sickness forms) with a highly visual planner that gives managers at-a-glance visibility of absences across your entire organisation, departments or individual teams.


Deliver awesome customer service, every time, with our easy to use Helpdesk application. Featuring a simple process for your users and customers to raise helpdesk tickets and for your service team to manage their requests to resolution, as well as the ability for users to help themselves and find answers to common issues.

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Ensure all issues are addressed in a timely manner using the Intranet Helpdesk
Facebook style collaboration and communication using the Intranet social module

Business Social functionality

We’ve taken the slickest communication ideas from the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, added in a few of our own, and turned them into formidable business tools within Orchidnet. Create instant communities to bring people together, share ideas, blog and collaborate faster and easier than ever before.

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Electronic Forms and Approvals

Replace your paper-based forms with stunning and highly flexible electronic versions, complete with automated workflows, making consistent information capture a breeze while saving time and money.

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Replace all your Business processes using the Intranet Workflow module
Manage all your Prospects, Customers, Leads and Opportunities using the Intranet CRM module

Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage interactions with your contacts, including current and future customers, from one place. Keep detailed contact notes, schedule and assign tasks, track opportunities and leads and even capture email conversations within our fully featured CRM application.

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