One Click Intranet Publishing

Create stunning Intranet content in seconds with a consistent and simple publishing process. No jargon to learn, no technical knowledge required!

Publish Intranet content in 2 simple steps

Publishing is easy as 1, 2… (3 not even required)

An easy to learn, simple to use 2-step approach to publishing content ensures anybody with the right permissions can quickly share a news story, file, discussion, blog, wiki or photo with absolutely no training or technical know-how at all.

Feature rich content at your fingertips

Over 200 stunning page templates are included as standard, making it a breeze to create awesome looking content. Simply choose something you like the look of, paste in your content and…Voila! Everybody will think you are the next Leonardo Picasso!! You can also easily create your own page templates to produce a consistent look and feel for your content.

Over 200 beautiful Intranet content templates designed to save you time
Choose one is the important news story on your Intranet homepage

BBC style news homepages

Easily feature any of your internal news stories on Orchidnet’s highly visual organisational, Departmental and Project homepages. Homepages can be automatically updated to show the latest news stories, complete with headlines, summaries and associated images, or controlled to show only those you want, from anywhere on your intranet.

Full ratings and comments supported as standard

You can choose to allow your users to rate and comment on any Orchidnet content, giving you at-a-glance visibility of ‘what’s hot’ as well as enabling our Search facility to return content based on its popularity. Comments can be automatically sent to content authors, enabling them to incorporate feedback for future revisions or action as appropriate for your organisation.

All Intranet content can have ratings and comments recorded against them
Ensure Intranet content is read by the right people

Mandatory Read

Make sure nobody ever misses an important document again! By simply marking important content as ‘Mandatory Read’, which is then highlighted on each user’s homepage, you can automatically remind any group of users, department or even the entire organisation of important documents that must be read. Full audit trails are created for each Mandatory Read and, if required, users can also be stopped from logging into Orchidnet until they have acknowledged reading an important document.

Include videos and pictures

Easily include photos or videos, within any Orchidnet content, using the built-in Media Library application or create hyperlinks to anything available on your intranet or even the wider internet. Any image or video added using Media Library is displayed within it’s own special player and is fully compatible on all mobile devices.

All Intranet content can include photos and videos from the Media Library application