How an Orchidnet Intranet Works

Now we could get all techie on you here, but basically Orchidnet is a suite of beautiful Intranet applications designed from the onset to work together.

How Orchidnet Works

More than integration

Orchidnet is a suite of functionally rich business applications that share connections and work with each other to provide a comprehensive ‘intranet’ solution. However, the way the applications are connected is more than just ‘integration’ – the applications are inseparable and work together to genuinely become more than the sum of their parts. Because of this, you don’t need to know where the information is coming from, whether it’s from CRM, Wikis, Documents, Service Desk calls, Images, FAQs, Forums, News releases etc. Using Orchidnet, you can easily find everything your company knows on any topic across all disciplines and business units.

People are the key

It works by placing people firmly in the middle of everything, making them the hub around which all content connects. What this means is that, although users can access individual applications if they need to, Orchidnet provides a layer of abstraction that allows them to find what they need using Google-like search facilities, highly visual interfaces and other knowledge-based mechanisms. This instantly enables access to all knowledge, both historic and current, across the entire organisation, regardless of the specific application(s) any content is held in, where the user works or what their role is.

T.H.O.R – Instant Knowledge Access!

With Orchidnet, people are at the centre of everything. In the picture, the purple ring, (labelled “TH.O.R”, which very geekily stands for ‘The One Ring’), represents the Orchidnet interface, security and reporting frameworks, knowledge frameworks and various access mechanisms that:

  1. Allow users to search for, and quickly find the content they need.
  2. Ensure people can only see content they have permissions to see.
  3. Ensure people can only access applications they have permission to use.
This is achieved via intuitive user interfaces that allow quick access to important information, using newspaper style homepages that can be tailored for multiple audiences within the same organisation. These homepages show key information from the Orchidnet applications at a glance, and also provide access to a powerful search mechanism that seamlessly accesses all the knowledge held within every Orchidnet application, presenting results clearly and concisely. The end result for Orchidnet users is Instant Knowledge Access. Now anyone can be the smartest person in the business!